Coral Rocío is a photographer and visual artist born and living in Seville.

She feels good experimenting, playing and creating, not conceiving her life without creating.

Since she was little, she has been passionate about cinema. How a series of images can tell a story and provoke a thousand emotions was fascinating for her.

She studied a university degree which, although it had many professional prospects, did not motivate her heart. Over time, photography became more interesting to her, when she went out with friends, always carried a compact camera with her.

After a few years she was given her first semi-professional DSLR camera, and with it, her interest in grew exponentially and began to taught herself on photography.

The summer of 2017 everything changed, her way of thinking had evolved a lot over the years, she had no longer such a practical vision of life. Now, she looked for her likings, her desires and motivations, to defend her word and her vision of reality, although this was not the most comfortable, nor the fastest way to make her economy self-sustainable.

One night she decided to dedicate herself to the audiovisual world completely and that she would do her best to achieve her goals.  Thus, she ended up doing a higher degree in Lighting, Capture and Image Treatment, at the Néstor Almendros High School in Seville, being the most reassuring two years of her life.

She was on an internship at the Documentation Center of Performing Arts of Andalusia, which gave her quite a lot of background in terms of graphic news, in addition to the enrichment of the experience, the constant contact with artists and with the world of Theater.

Shortly after, she tried another type of stage, where the spotlights were the protagonists; concert photography. She worked for a concert blog in Seville, covering concerts by groups such as Second, Pol 3.14 or Shinova.

She also entered the world of social events doing her first Wedding report. Her future as a professional in photography had really good expectations at that time.

However, in March 2020, there was a great change, of course, coinciding with the World Pandemic, which meant the cancellation of events, concerts, weddings, etc. She had to reinvent herself and began to experiment a lot with artistic and conceptual photography, but above all with the art of self-portrait.  After many months of hard work, training, trial and error, she decided in 2021 that it was time to join forces and open up to the public, to share her art, sell her work and offer her services professionally with all the love she could deliver, full of passion and commitment.

Coral Rocío loves photography and art, and she will never stop doing it anymore.

Artist Statement


My name is Coral Rocío and I am a Visual Artist.

I love experimenting with different photography styles, original lighting and photo settings.

I perform selfportraits as a way of catharsis and activism voice.

I am proficient in pictorial editing skills and I use them to reach all that my imagination brings to me.

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